Complete Guide on how to tell a diamond is real or fake!

Diamonds get precious as they age. It is an investment that we make for our very special persons and genuinely will not want to be frauded. There are many gems such as white topaz, white sapphire, and white zircon that are look-alikes of diamond and can be used instead of a diamond by companies. 

There are various ways of checking the authenticity of your diamond, whether at home or from some reputable jewelry brand. 

Here are 7 ways you can check whether your diamond speaks for itself or not:

  1. The Fog Test: Take the diamond between two fingers and breathe on it. If the fog dissipates quickly, the diamond has to be real. But, if the fog stays on for almost more than 4-5 seconds, you gotta think twice! This is because diamond dissipates heat almost instantaneously, making it hard to fog up.
  2. The water test: This is probably the easiest test to conduct at home. Take the diamond and drop it in the water. If it is a real one it should sink for its high density. If it floats, there has to be some impurity in it. Though all fake diamonds may not float, if it does, get them checked professionally.
  3. Real diamond may or may not sparkle even in dark! Though scientifically this statement is true, there is no proper experimental theory to prove it. Real diamond should sparkle if it is being exposed to light right before putting it in dark. This is because a diamond has a high refractive index which captures the light inside and takes time to filter out.
  4. The heat test: Diamonds are very resistant to heat and other physical properties as they prepare themselves under huge pressure. The heat test involves heating the diamond for 30-40 seconds and then immediately dropping it in cold water. If the diamond shatters, man- it was fake. But real diamonds will not respond to anything to it as the change in temperature will not affect”> them.
  5. The mount and setting test: A real diamond is not supposed to be placed in a cheap metal. Diamonds are usually placed in gold, platinum-like metals. Signs like 14k, 10k,750,900, PT, etc show that they are expensive metals, while “CZ” which stands for CUBIC ZIRCONIA are lookalikes for them. A real diamond will not be put on top of it>
  6. The Dot test: Take a white page and put a dot on it. Put the flat side on the page and look through it. This is again dependent on the refractive index, as a real diamond will not show the Dot. But the dot can be seen through a fake diamond!
  7. The Loupe test: Though it is not readily available at any place, one can find it on amazon or in a jewelry shop. It is one kind of magnifying glass. Put it on the diamond and look for imperfections. A real diamond can have some other mineral flakes, color tones because, of course, they are nature-made. But the manmade ones are made perfect which are too good to be true.

These are some easy ways to satisfy your curiosity but the most reliable way of checking a real diamond is to get it checked in a jewelry shop. They are usually free of cost and will yield the best reports!

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