Personalisation at SR Gemz Diamonds: From Ideation to Creation of the diamond of your dreams!

Customised modern and elegant collection of diamonds suited just for you. We customise diamonds to meet your immaculate taste. Switch to Modern, Elegant Jewellery from the house of SR Gemz collection!

Personalization Process

When a customer comes to me for personalization/customization, she has some design in her mind. I interact with her and try to make out what is that she exactly wants. Then I sketch the design manually and show her through whatsapp which is the manual design. Once I get the customer approval on this, then the process of CAD design and detailing happens. I share this also for the confirming the size of the diamond used in the product. I also show the customer the loose diamonds which I will use in the product. Then the final process is casting and setting those diamonds and the finished product is ready.

How do you recommend diamonds to an avid buyer of diamonds?

The three basic tenets are personalisation, quality and price. For avid buyer of diamonds, it is important for the customer to compare what he/she has already bought before with what he/she is buying from SR Gemz Diamonds in terms of price, personalization, the entire customer journey, and the quality of diamond. Once they buy from us, they understand the difference and they become brand loyal customers.

What should a customer look for while buying diamonds?

A customer should look for authenticity/genuineness as number one parameter besides value for money. The reason is normally customer has less technical knowledge about diamonds. It is important to build trust with the customer and that is what we at SR Gemz Diamonds believe. Building trust and credibility over business.

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